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Being the Persons We Really Want to Be

Within the realm of our participation in duality, the negative force became strong enough to be much greater than the dimension that we recognize. Negative-creating beings learned how to enter our consciousness and find vulnerabilities that could cause us to compromise our intentions. These are vibratory levels that we experience when we assimilate the belief that our consciousness will ultimately be terminated. This is the fundamental belief that is the basis for all of our other limiting beliefs about ourselves. This is the basis of all of our fears, and we must resolve and transform it into the experience of our true essence as our infinitely-powerful-creator-presence of eternal awareness.

It is impossible for us to be terminated. In the world of empirical duality, our awareness is limited to one dimension of density in consciousness, but our physical presence is only a partial expression of ourselves. We know from the reports given by those who have died physically, but then came back, that our awareness expands greatly upon disembodiment and unattachment from limitations. Without the body we are our pure essence of conscious awareness, unlimited in every way and able to express ourselves in any way that we imagine. We can know everything about everyone and everything. Our consciousness envelops the cosmos and beyond, and universal consciousness is our realization.

Once we learn to release attachments to limitations, we are truly free to be the persons we deeply long to be. We must face our belief in personal termination. We can know that we exist beyond all energetics, and we express our vibratory presence energetically. In our presence of awareness beyond time/space, we have free access to the consciousness of the Creator and the awareness of all conscious creatures. At this point, we participate differently in the world of human experience.

We can be aware in every moment that any presence of negativity in our personal experience is a result of our mental and emotional recognition, alignment and engagement with it. When we do not give it reality through our realization, it cannot exist for us. Every scenario in our experience has an infinite number of ways for us to experience it, and we are free to choose any of them. Without fear and doubt, we are free to create all the desires of our heart for our experience.

When we can live in the realm of gratitude, love and compassion, we can have confidence in our absolute creative ability just by our state of being. We create our personal energy signature, which then attracts and repels other energetic patterns. The ones that resonate with ours provide our experiences. Any of us can become masters of our lives, and we can experience the most wonderful relationships in deepest love and complete sovereignty.

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Jan 01, 2023

“Our true essence as our infinitely-powerful-creator-presence of eternal awareness.” So beautifully said! Your insights are always so uplifting! I continue to read your books and am grateful and joyous for this wonderful connection! With gratitude! 🦋

Kenneth Schmitt
Kenneth Schmitt
Jan 02, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, Mary. I'm so happy that these writings are helpful for you. I love to write them and send them out.

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