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Intentionally Creating Our Lives

As fractals of the consciousness that creates and enlivens everyone and everything, we have hidden abilities that we can realize, access and express. In order to do this, we must connect with our inner essence. Our entire potential lives within the heart of our Being. It is not physical, but it is symbolized by our heart, which lives to enliven us and convey the conscious life force that flows to us from the consciousness of the Creator. We can identify this connection with our intuition, which is beyond thought or emotion, and can express itself through our entire being. It operates symbolically and is the source of our true knowing.

Each of us has the ability to develop our intuitive sensitivity. It is the most important achievement that we can attain, if we want to fulfill our potential as powerful Beings of radiant Light and unconditional love. Our intuition is present in every moment, available for our realization and personal enhancement. It is what we truly know without doubt or fear.

Our social, familial, educational, religious and media programing have kept us from realizing the truth of our Being. By misdirecting the teachings of our spiritual masters, our training is designed to keep us in fear and submission to forces that diminish our lives for the benefit of negatively-oriented beings, who need our life force, because they have rejected their own true essence. They are our parasites and need to be purged from our experience.

This is happening now, as the energetics of the Earth and our galactic environment are becoming more positive in alignment with the essential being of all life. It is a cosmic phenomenon that is occurring with the changing of the ages. Our sun is brightening, and the resonant frequencies of the Earth are rising, as seen on the Schumann Resonance Graph. These cosmic forces are destabilizing negativity and all who identify with it. This is the reason our negatively-oriented politicians and the ones who control them are becoming insane.

Our intuition is beyond polarity and is only life-enhancing. In order to open our awareness to it, we can be calm, clear and inviting, while aligning our attention with energies that are wonderful and uplifting. When we are open and receptive to our inner knowing, we can be conversing with the consciousness of our Creator. Here there are no limits. We can begin to realize our eternal, infinite presence of awareness and unlimited creative ability. We have not trusted ourselves enough to use it properly. It is only the limiting beliefs about ourselves in our ego consciousness that keep us from realizing our truth. By our vibrations and polarity, we are the sole creators of the qualities of our life experiences. Aligning with our intuitive knowing transforms our lives into experiences of abundance, freedom, gratitude and joy, regardless of what may be happening around us.

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