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Being in Time and Out of Time

We live in the conscious life-stream of the infinite One. It fills our Being with divine light, infinite love and joy. We participate in this consciousness as much as we allow ourselves, having the free will to limit ourselves, but we cannot diminish our connection with the consciousness of the infinite One. It arises in us through our heart-consciousness, even in our physical bodies. Our heart loves us unconditionally and lives to enliven us, regardless of what we do to it. If we can love our heart the way it loves us, we can begin to understand infinite love.

We are constantly being created in the awareness of infinite consciousness, providing the essence of our eternal Being. We are all the same Being, sharing the same consciousness and aligning with and directing the imagination and emotions of the infinite One within ourselves. We are the directors of our human experiences, the condition of our bodies and our feelings about ourselves, and we are much more. We are infinite in our consciousness, but we are aware of only as much as we allow ourselves with our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Once we become aware of our potential, we can begin to penetrate the essence of who we are. Beyond the body and the empirical world, we are our personal timeless presence of awareness. This awareness arises in us when we are clear and serene. It happens momentarily in our personal vibrations between cycles as the amplitude shifts between increasing and decreasing trillions of times a second. It is at the point of change, when, for a moment, there is no movement. It is a moment in eternity, and it is the moment our intuition can guide us to, if we are open and receptive to it. We accomplish this by feeling and imagining the most wonderful and joyful scenarios and feelings. These are the vibrations of our heart, filled with compassion and love. These vibrations align us with our heart-consciousness and our intuitive knowing and feeling.

When we open ourselves to positive, high-vibratory thoughts and feelings, we are beyond ego-consciousness, which knows only the limitations we have believed about ourselves. By aligning ourselves with the energy of our heart-consciousness, we can transcend limitations, as our awareness expands into unlimited consciousness. In this state of Being, we can understand our lives in every aspect and in other dimensions.

We are living in a time-wave that spans thousands of years. This wave has exactly bottomed in 2012 and is now beginning to rise. We are at the point out of time, when everything changes, and we become aware of our majesty and sovereignty. As our collective consciousness expands in positivity and higher vibrations, we create beauty and life-enhancement. This happens when we share our light with one another through our eyes and our radiance of love, regardless of who we encounter. As fractals of the infinite One, we are able to express the unlimited creative power of our essence.

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