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Being Human in a Time of Expanding Consciousness

In this most crucial time in human history, we are facing a complete transformation in our way of living and knowing our true identity. All of the structures and operations that we have depended upon and interacted with are breaking down. Our society is in chaos, our monetary system is beginning to fail, our governments are becoming tyrannical and destructive, and anger and violence are prevalent.

Our conscious awareness has been limited by the belief that we exist only in an empirical world of time and space. For this experience, we created and developed our ego-consciousness, defined by our limiting beliefs about ourselves. Many have believed that we are on our own here, not knowing how we got here, or whether there is a purpose for us and a meaning for our lives.

We’ve always had spiritual masters who were not subject to the same laws of the material world that everyone else is. The masters could expand their consciousness beyond the body and open their awareness to distant realms. They could change things in form and create whatever they wanted. They taught that all of us have these abilities, when we are open and receptive to our true Self. They taught that we are all the same Being with great creative ability.

With the rise of quantum physics, and given the use of appropriate technology, anyone can prove that consciousness is universal and is the cause and basis of everything. We can logically deduce that universal consciousness is the expression of a conscious Being, who directs the existence and essence of everything. Everything exists within the consciousness of this Being, including us. Everything participates in consciousness, including things that we have regarded as inert.

What does it mean that we participate in universal consciousness? In our potential realization, we are unlimited in awareness of the nature and quality of the Being who creates us, and we share in unlimited creative ability. We can potentially feel and know the nature of the Being whose consciousness we arise out of, and we are free to use our consciousness however we want.

In the past, our cosmic environment was polarized for duality of light and dark, life-enhancement and life-diminishment. As we enter a new round of precessional planetary motion, the energetic resonance of the Earth has been changing toward only positive, life-enhancing energies. In expressing the unconditionally-loving feelings and thoughts of our Creator, we and our planet are evolving into greater awareness and conscious expansion of creative ability, in unity with all conscious life. We are designed to be creative in every way.

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