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Being at Peace and Living with the Results

We can all come to a place of peace within. This leads to peace with everyone else and our entire environment. As we do this, we elevate our personal vibrations, which affects everyone around us. When we have no negative energy, we are radiant with love and compassion. We even become transformative influences in the presence of predators and parasites. If we can maintain our vibratory level, negative energies cannot exist in our presence. As we open to the unconditional love of the creative Source of our Being, we embody the life force that enhances everyone.

We can express the true passion of our heart in all aspects of our lives. We can naturally accept, compassionately forgive and powerfully radiate unconditional love, while feeling a deep connection with everyone we encounter, including those with evil intent. They are the ones who have separated themselves from the Source of their life and now need our life force. This they cannot have, if we maintain our divine radiance, for the energetics are oppositely polarized and out of resonance.

The only way for us to be subject to threats and intimidation is for us to accede to their level of energetics by aligning ourselves with them, in order to join or oppose them. In either case, we share our life force with them through our attention and negative alignment. With our positive orientation and our intuitive alignment, the negative has no place in our consciousness and no access to our life force.

When we are completely positive and conscious of our eternal, present awareness, we can become powerfully passionate, because we are completely confident of everything we think, feel and do. We can feel the unconditional love enveloping us in the quantum field of all potentialities. Our hearts are pure, and we always feel wonderful. We have no personal needs, because we create what we need whenever we think and desire it. We deeply know that we are powerful creators just by our constant positive vibrations, which we identify with in our thoughts, feelings and perspective in every moment.

This is the quality of life that we are being directed toward by the increasingly only positive polarity of Gaia, her increasing vibratory resonance, and the great intensity of incoming gamma-ray conscious photons. Our Sun is growing in intensity and brightness, as is our entire cosmic environment. We are being carried into higher consciousness in every area of life. Currently, all of this is subtle, but perceptible, especially in our emotional awareness. Once we have resolved our self-limiting beliefs, this awareness can become acute.

Guided by our all-knowing intuition, we can stay in positive, high-vibrational conscious awareness and always know everything we need in any focus of attention. We can understand that human life as we currently experience it is just a game that we’re playing together in our consciousness. We can have fun with it in so many ways, whatever we enjoy. By living with the intent to uplift our feelings and be inspired, we radiate this energy and experience its resonance in our encounters with others and in the love and fulfillment that comes into our lives.

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