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Becoming Transparent in Our Radiance

When we are able to release our attachments to limiting beliefs about ourselves, we become transparent in our relationships and how we think and feel about ourselves. The life force that we receive from the consciousness of the Creator glows in our personal radiance, because we do not restrict it or give it to negative entities, who are parasites feeding off of our etheric essence. They feed off of our fear and depend on our limiting beliefs to trick us into energetic alignment with them. Attempting to hold us in fear, their propaganda is everywhere.

We have the ability to transcend all negative energies through our focused alignment with joy, compassion, gratitude and appreciation for our infinite essence of Being and unlimited creative powers. We can develop sensitivity to the energy of the heart of our Being through our intuition. Until we release our limiting attachments, we do not realize our true essence. To our ego-consciousness, this release requires a leap into the unknown, because the ego does not know higher guidance or understand how miracles are created. Yet we can transcend ego-consciousness through intentional introspection into our attachments to limitation.

By examining our limitations in the light of what we know intuitively, their true nature becomes apparent. They are all based in fear and are negatively polarized energetically. The greatest fear is the expectation of death as physical and conscious termination. Quantum physics has proved that conscious termination is impossible, because we participate in universal consciousness beyond time and space, along with all conscious beings composing everything we know, down to the subatomic entities that we recognize as photons, electrons, protons and neutrons. While our bodies’ constituent entities maintain their identity and consciousness, our physical forms can change and become other forms.

Consciousness is constantly expanding. It never disappears or is diminished. Because we live in universal consciousness, we have access to as much of it as we allow ourselves to be aware of. Only our self-imposed limitations keep us from a life of great awareness and creative ability. Once we resolve our attachments to limitation, we gain true freedom and can live beyond the current dramas of humanity, while still participating in our chosen way of life. As we begin to realize the power of our divine life force, our lives become miraculous, and we are able to live in the radiance of unconditional love and compassion for all who are still limiting themselves.

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