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Becoming the Champions of Enlightenment

What does it feel like to release all of our attachment to victimhood? It is perhaps unimaginable for us to realize true freedom from any constraints within time and space, but it is our natural reality. We are our pure presence of awareness, unlimited in every way and able to be any kind of entity in any dimension with any powers we wish to instill. In our current status as humans on Earth, we could not believe it is possible, because of our self-imposed limitations, which are deeply set into our species consciousness. The power of our beliefs in limitation, for as long as we hold them, constrains us within their limits. Our vibratory level attracts circumstances and encounters that resonate at the same level, creating experiences below the level of mastery.

It is very difficult for people who have worked hard for a long time to accumulate something, to then allow themselves to be unattached to their attainment. But it is the attachment that prevents further expansion. As long as we believe in lack of anything, we create its experience in our lives. The challenge is to resolve our beliefs by transforming our fear and doubt about our abilities into confidence and joy. This does not require any special talents on our part. Anyone can do it and become a master of life on Earth and much more, because it is our natural state of being. Our situation is further complicated by our belief that our beliefs are not responsible for our predicaments. We have believed that things just happen to us, and we have no control over what comes into our lives. We have believed in accidents, and so we have them.

What we experience in every moment comes to us as a result of the operations of our consciousness. It is our level of vibration and our perspective. The primary consideration is our polarity, positive or negative. Do we vibrate at the level of love or fear? It has to be one or the other. Love is ultimately confident, free and supportive of everyone. Fear experiences a sense of lack and frustration, while blaming others. Fear is the basis of every problematic situation.

In our true essence, there are no problems. We are infinite Being. We are everyone and everything everywhere. It is all part of our presence of awareness, our Self-Realization. This may be so far beyond our current self-understanding, that we cannot imagine being infinite, but we can take steps to get there, and realizing our limitations is one of them. Then facing them one-by-one with serious scrutiny to understand their value for us is another step. If we can learn that we have the power in our intention to change and transcend our beliefs, we can be successful in dramatically raising our vibrations, continuing to expand our awareness and deepen our experiences of love and joy.

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Hi, Kenneth, this is Viktor from Ukraine.Thank you for your blogs!

I just started reading them yesterday.I want to become a Champion of Enlightenment!Every word falls on the heart.I have

great joy from reading your blogs.I want to collect them all and translate them into Russian.I have a good reading for every day.

I find answers to my questions in your blogs.Thank you very much!

Me gusta
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