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Becoming Open, Clear and Receptive to Inner Knowing

All around us there are great forces designed to attract and compel us to assume a perspective that will either enslave our spirit or grant us ultimate freedom. We are in the transition between energetic eras in human history, and the changes that are coming about are beyond our historical imagining. We are being required to choose either to remain in duality or to transcend our limitations and open ourselves to living in the consciousness of great love and joy.

If we choose to remain in duality, we will continue to experience the entire spectrum of human life that we have enjoyed and endured for eons, with all of its pleasures and pains. This will continue on another planet that will seem to be just like the Earth has been, but the Earth is changing. All who remain here will live on a regenerated Earth of beauty and abundance, with advanced technology and inter-galactic connections. The energy will not support predators, only heart-felt goodness and creativity. To live in this environment, we must be able to imagine participating in it and believe that it is real.

We are the creators of our experiences, and we have been limiting ourselves to the realm of duality, believing that it is real, and we have closed our imagination and feelings off from our greater awareness. Once we realize that our ruling elite are duplicitous and parasitic, we can begin to recognize how they have used our own creativity against us for their benefit. It is done through stimulating fear in us. Our fear aligns us with their negative vibrations and allows them to take our life force, which they then use to control us through threats, intimidation and limited monetary access.

By being irritated and angry toward them, we continue to align with their negative energy, allowing them to continue to create fear in us, even on a limited level. Once we decide to be only positive, we no longer give them our resistance or support. We can be grateful for the challenges they have given us to learn to control our state of being. By responding to them with acceptance and forgiveness, we remove ourselves from their energetic realm, as if by magic.

Within each of us is a connection with the essence of all living consciousness and awareness. It is our heart-mind, which we can know as our intuition. In order be aware of it, we must intentionally want to realize our inner knowing in clarity and gratitude. It is our opening into realizing our infinite Self in the unlimited consciousness of our new world. By practicing being sensitive to our inner knowing, we gradually acquire mastery of ourselves and always know everything we need to know to experience the lives we are destined to enjoy in alignment with the rising energy of the new era in human history.

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