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Becoming Aware of Our True Essence

Many meditators speak of going into the void. Some say it’s the zero point of perfect awareness, without thought or emotion, just presence of awareness. In the void there is nothing, and there is everything. It cannot be explained within ego-consciousness. It is awareness of infinite consciousness. We can know and feel our essence as an eternal presence of awareness with unlimited creative power.

By the way we treat ourselves and believe that we are, we create the qualities of our lives. The energies that we choose to pay attention to and resonate with, are the energies that are in play within our creative essence. When we know this, we can take control of our vibratory presence by intentionally being in a positive, high-vibratory state of being, regardless of our imagined external conditions. There is no external. Instead of reacting out of what the ego considers necessity, due to some level of fear, we can use our imagination creatively in alignment with the vibrations of our heart-consciousness.

Because of our unwillingness to open our awareness to infinite consciousness, intuitive sensitivity has been difficult for many of us. To change this would require us to transcend our limiting beliefs, which enable us to live in a realm of duality. We are collecting experiences of negative, life-diminishing energies. When we have had enough of this, we can change our perspective and intentionally open our awareness to our creative essence. We have believed that we are enslaved to degradation and mortality, but we have created these beliefs and can resolve and transcend them by following the inner guidance that we can intentionally pay attention to.

We as a species are going through a transition to a more expanded conscious awareness. If we want to make this transition, we need to leave our limiting beliefs behind. The longer we leave them unresolved, the more uncomfortable we will be, because the transition brings the depths of negativity into the light of realization. By focusing on these energies, we cannot find our intuitive knowing.

This is where entering the void or zero point can be helpful. Achieving this state of being requires strong intention and practice, but due to the wide-spread transition from duality to awareness of our true essence, spiritual practices are providing mastery much easier that they have in the past. Much can be gained just by intentional intuitive awareness as we go about our daily lives, always being grateful and kind.

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