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Becoming Absolutely Free and Sovereign

By living in a state of transcendence in awareness beyond good and evil, we can become masters of the human experience. We can live in our eternal presence of awareness with unlimited creative power for the enhancement of all life. This is the state of Being that we are being attracted to by the enveloping consciousness all around us. We are participants in the consciousness that constantly creates everything trillions of times per second.

In realizing that we are fractals of universal consciousness, we can know that we have always been the creators of our experiences in collaboration with all other humans and everything we interact with. We have our species consciousness, just as the animals and plants do. The Earth has her planetary consciousness, which is becoming more powerful in recovering her creative life force, as she rises in vibratory resonance. To continue to live here, we must align our state of being with her. We can benefit by being in nature as much as possible, often by ourselves in places of beauty and majesty, with our skin on the earth when possible.

In order to be able to utilize our unlimited creative ability, we must live in harmony with our environment and everyone around us. We must align with the qualities inherent in universal consciousness. These are the qualities of infinite love and joy with complete confidence in our abilities. It is primarily fear and doubt that have restricted our awareness and realization. When we know and feel in alignment with life-enhancement for all in every moment, we can trust ourselves implicitly, and our abilities become unlimited. We can resolve and release our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

In realizing our presence of awareness beyond time/space, we cannot be threatened or invaded by negativity. It does not exist for us, because we are in different energetic dimensions. In our human lives, this results in ultimate freedom and personal sovereignty, regardless of what may be happening around us. It is all within our consciousness, and we can choose which vibratory patterns we want to pay attention to and align with. This is how we create our quality of life, and we can experience what we love the most.

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