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“Be still and know that I AM God”

This state of Being is what comes to us when we release everything we think we know about ourselves, requiring complete openness in trusting our eternal presence of awareness beyond any beliefs that we are limited in any way. We are Creator Consciousness expressing ourselves as humans with inner awareness of the Source of our conscious life stream. We can call it intuition. It is the realization of our infinite essence of life. The essence of Creator Consciousness that we share is a fractal of the entirety of universal consciousness. Through our mental and emotional abilities, we are the creators of the expanding cosmos, by sending our personal radiance into the quantum field within universal consciousness. We are all the consciousness of the Creator of all.

It is possible for us to realize our expanded personal reality. We are expressing ourselves through our bodies for our learning with empirical experiences and negative energy. These were unknown for us prior to our first incarnation in this spectrum of energetics. When we learn to calm the mind and emotions into a state of neutral observation, we can be aware of our inner guidance, which is not intrusive. To be aware of it, we must seek it within ourselves by directing our attention to the most love and joy that we can imagine.

In order to open ourselves to our true intuitive knowing, we must align with the energy of the heart of our Being, the Source of our awareness. We have absolute control of our attention and the freedom to use it however we desire. We are learning to trust our Self in an environment in which we can’t do too much damage, because we thoroughly doubt our abilities, disabling our creative intentions. We wanted experiences in negativity in order to enhance realization of our inner light and infinite presence of awareness. We knew that we’d become entranced in this limiting world, and we gave ourselves a way back to Self-Realization through our intuition.

Awareness of our intuitive guidance requires more than intentional searching for it. It requires recognition of its energetic expressions everywhere in our awareness. Paying attention to the feelings that arise in us in every moment, can convey to us realizations, knowing and understanding. With this guidance we can walk through the valley of the shadow of death and be unfazed, while we maintain inner awareness of our infinite Source. This is the ability that we are all learning.

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