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Awareness within Universal Consciousness

We can expand into unconditional love and pure conscious Self-awareness beyond space and time. In our natural state of Being, we are our present Self-awareness within the universal consciousness of the Creator. We are fractals within Creator consciousness, possessing all of the aspects of the Creator. We are eternal Creators. Our ability resides in the conscious vibrations of our thoughts and feelings.

Currently our mental and emotional capabilities are limited by our negative beliefs about ourselves. If we so desire, we can resolve these by working with our intuition in an expanded way. Our intuition is only positive and is part of the life stream that we receive from the consciousness of the Creator. To be receptive to it, we can shift our awareness to the positive emotions around joy and to thoughts aligned with deep wisdom. In this state of Being, we can evaluate our beliefs and resolve them. We have created all of them out of fear of suffering and termination. Everything based in fear has no life force from the Creator. It is only us, who can create fear through choosing a negative polarity for the sake of expanding universal consciousness into the negative and experiencing it, in order to acquire deeper understanding of life.

Once we have decided that we want to expand out of our compartmentalized awareness, we can intend to be positive in every moment. We can ask our guides and angels to augment our intuition with more guidance, and we can then pay attention as much as possible. We can be more observant on mental, emotional and physical levels. We can intend to feel being our higher Self, and we can ask to be drawn into greater awareness of our true Being. It’s helpful to do this in a quiet, natural setting, where we can intend to align with the life-enhancing, rising energy of Gaia.

In this process, nothing outside of our own Being is important. We can go deep within, to the center of our Being in great joy and gratitude. As we are able to hold this focus, the conditions and encounters of our lives come into resonance with this spectrum of vibration. Our radiance increases as we reclaim our life force from the negative energetics that we were feeding with our recognition and alignment. We can thus express our energetic presence more strongly around us. We attract others who are in resonance with us, and we make it easier for the newly awakening to expand their awareness into positive, heart-centered energies.

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