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Awareness of Inner Knowing

We have the opportunity to know everything, beyond teachers, books, videos and seminars. It is all within our greater Self. It’s right behind our awareness, available to us as soon as we can realize our essence of Being. We can open our awareness to it by clarifying our understanding of who we are. In our essence, we live in universal consciousness and are infinite in our awareness. In our ego-consciousness we cannot imagine our magnitude. We’re just playing at being human, and we can consciously direct our creative processes, mastering the empirical world and opening our awareness to our essence beyond the body.

Everything we could ever want is within our consciousness and is available to us to recognize and to realize its reality. Nothing keeps us from realizing that we are living in the world that we want. There are many distractions to this realization. We can learn to balance our thoughts and emotions in ways that are life-enhancing, and we can live in the vibrations of gratitude, joy and compassion. Knowing that we are constantly creating energetic patterns that we align with and feel, we can choose to pay attention to our heart-consciousness. Whatever keeps us from this realization is a distraction and must be transcended in order to have Self-Realization.

In our infinite presence of awareness, we are fractals of universal consciousness and can create everything and know everything. We can energize our bodies so that we can leave the empirical dimension for another and return. Since our awareness is quantum, we can be in many places at the same time and in the same place at different times. We can align with 4-dimensional crystalline spacetime, while also being aware of our current human experience, which we can transform into a life of gratitude and fulfillment.

We no longer need limiting beliefs about ourselves. They have restricted us to the empirical trance of humanity. Our reality is shifting beyond the duality of human experience. We are shifting beyond our ego-consciousness, with its negative limitations, while we begin to realize pure conscious infinity. We can participate in any dimension we choose. The opening in awareness that humanity is entering is beyond negativity. It is the living expression of our heart-consciousness and is the vibratory quality of our ascending species consciousness.

Every possible experience in all dimensions is available to us. As humans we have the choice of living in joy and love, regardless of our outer circumstances. If we do this, our lives transform from moment to moment, according to our personal energetic signature, attracting resonating experiences.

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