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Awareness Beyond Time/Space

There are many dimensions of experience available to us, that our ego-conscious self knows little, if anything, about, including our own identity and essence. Our ego-consciousness operates in the mind and is mostly unaware of our heart-consciousness and the workings of our subconscious. It is mostly through our subconscious that we may be aware of certain promptings in our inner knowing. Our subconscious participates in unlimited consciousness. It provides infinite awareness to us, but we receive only as much as our beliefs about ourselves allow. Our beliefs set the limits of what we allow ourselves to realize as reality. Without belief in personal limitations, we can be aware of our essence, which is our conscious present awareness, including our connection to universal consciousness. It includes awareness within our entire subconscious and the intelligence of our heart; the conscious connection with our guides and angels and the consciousness of the Being who constantly creates us. In the flow of conscious life force with the gift of free choice in expressing our personal energy, we create experiences that we share with all conscious beings through our awareness. The greater our awareness, the more clearly-directed we can be in our choices. The extent of our awareness is actually a choice on our part.

We are created to be creative and to create experiences within our awareness. In our current spectrum of reality, we have agreed to participate in a convincing world of empirical duality, that we have allowed to fill our awareness. To be able to open our awareness beyond this realm, we can learn to pay attention to our inner knowing. There are many ways to do this. We can breathe deeply and rhythmically while imagining that we are expanding infinitely in awareness. We can follow our natural inclinations to want to live in love, joy, abundance and freedom. These are all included in our conscious life force. We are fully provided for in every way that we could want. We just have to realize this. Since we have created subconscious limits for our awareness, we can also unlimit ourselves. If we are intent on opening our awareness to infinite consciousness, and we are receptive, the realization comes to us through our intuition. By deepening our focus, while continuing to follow our inner knowing, we can penetrate the limits we have lived within. We can be inspired to live in gratitude and joyful confidence.

It is helpful to ground our connection with Gaia. We can be alone and barefoot in nature, especially in inspiring, beautiful and majestic places. We can listen to the birds and other creatures in the forests, feel the energy of the trees and immerse ourselves in wild water. It can be helpful to listen within the silence of the high mountains and tune into the sounds and melodies of the planes of existence.

Greatness is available to all of us in our own essence. To realize this, we can open ourselves to it and invite it into our awareness. We can imagine the energetics of Beings of light and love. We are those Beings when we realize our true identity and infinite creative ability. We can transform ourselves into knowing our essence and expressing our true Self-Realization.

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