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Awareness beyond Our Beliefs

As we can be aware of the awareness of others, including animals and plants, our Creator is also aware of our awareness. We are our Self-Aware presence, both embodied and energetic, beyond the physical. Our ego consciousness can be aware of a limited spectrum of energies, but does not realize its limitations. This limitation provides the reality of our empirical experiences. For us, it is so real that we have become fixated on it, unable to expand our awareness into our inner knowing.

Among quantum physicists, the Consciousness of the Creator is known as universal consciousness. It is the same consciousness, and it is the One that we participate in. We are created in universal consciousness and given infinite awareness. Although physicists are not aware of the array of qualities in universal consciousness, we can be aware of them through our intuition, just as we can be aware of the awareness of our pets. We can feel how they feel, and they can feel how we feel.

In universal consciousness there are no secrets. The quantum field holds everything always, and we choose how much of it we allow ourselves to be aware of. As we resolve our limitations, we resolve our ego-consciousness, and ultimately we can open our awareness into universal consciousness. We can keep expanding to infinity and also be self-aware of our human personhood. In our clear presence of awareness, we are multi-dimensional and can create our self-expression to be anyone we desire to be in any environment. We can transform our lives at any time.

It is our realization that creates our reality. When we realize and align with our intuitive guidance, we experience the results in our lives. Realization is beyond beliefs. It is based in inner knowing and can see through beliefs to recognize their basis in fear and limitation. Our intuition is our connection with universal consciousness, and it guides us toward Self-Realization. Once we realize our true essence, we can be fulfilled in every way, because we are infinitely powerful creators, fractals of the Creator of all.

We are embodied here now to transform ourselves into a higher dimension of energetics. This time in history is the turning of the ages. Love and beauty are replacing fear and ugliness. At the same time, the Earth is transforming into a more vibrant expression of higher vibrations. If we can release all attachment to limitations, and focus on our intuitive knowing in joy and compassion, we can align ourselves with the energetic level of our true Self. In our true Being, we can be masters of our lives, making real in our experiences the expressions of gratitude, love, joy, freedom and abundance. The consciousness of the Creator enhances all life. Through our intuition, we can align ourselves with this vibratory resonance.

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