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Awakening to Self-Realization

As we desire to be completely Self-motivated for the enhancement of all, we are learning to be aware of the energetic quality of our state of being and to be able to change it with our intentional choice. We must align with the vibratory quality that we desire to experience. Since our mental and emotional processes are our creative abilities, we can imagine scenarios that we feel ourselves experiencing. It is our level of vibration that attracts energetic patterns that resonate with us, manifesting in our personal experiences.

If we desire to experience wonderful relationships, we can do this by aligning our thoughts and emotions with the energy of the heart of our Being through our intuition. We are not just connected to our Creator. Our Creator is our conscious awareness personalized as us. Since we have compartmentalized our consciousness for our human experience, however, we need to release our limiting beliefs about ourselves in order to realize that we are our eternal, infinite present awareness with unlimited creative ability.

This is what Jesus tried to teach us, when he said that we could do everything he was able to and more. It is just a matter of our Self-Realization beyond time and space. As humans in form, we have physical limitations confined by our limiting beliefs. Once we resolve these, we become creative designers for our experiences and destiny. The core vibration in higher consciousness is unconditional love.

What actually is love on a spiritual level? It is feeling an intimate, life-enhancing connection with other beings. It is our intuitive knowing and feeling that we are all part of the same consciousness in unique energetic expressions. In love we all arise within the consciousness of the Creator for the purpose of enhancing all of life, each in our own way. We are created in love to be the Self-Realized creators of experiences of all kinds.

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