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Awakening to Personal Transformation

At some point we begin to realize our personal power. Something happens out of the ordinary, and we get a flash of a higher dimension of being, or more than a flash, a temporary experience of oneness with something more than we believe we are, or a miracle. These are windows that transcend our limitations and provide a glimpse into our true eternal Self. We can experience awareness beyond the physical body, beyond projection of our consciousness, and it expands our awareness into the universal consciousness of the Creator. For this moment, we can know that we are the Creator. At this level of vibration, we can know whatever we want to know, and what we know is what is real for us.

We are constantly creating our personal reality just by the way we are, our energetic presence. We have the option of living by default, according to what we are accustomed to, or we can learn to master our mind and emotions and create the life we truly want. We can imagine visions of wonderful experiences, and we can feel ourselves living in the scenarios we create. We can imagine and create an entire new world of experience for ourselves by resolving our attachments to our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

To achieve a positive, loving and wonderful life, we can be disinterested in current social and political dramas and choose to align our interests with expanding our consciousness and becoming masters of our lives. The traditional spectrum of energetic expression of humanity is realigning with the rising vibratory frequency and positive polarity of our planet, and the negative aspects are dissolving into another dimension. The negative dramas need our engagement to exist, because they are not naturally supported. If we choose to align with positive vibrations, we are not required to interact with the negative, and it disappears from our experience.

Once we know and feel that the Creator constantly enlivens and empowers us and endows us with our awareness within the One consciousness, we can begin to explore it beyond our limitations. Within the energetic matrix of humanity, we have our character roles to play. We are the creators and directors of our roles, and we can elevate the quality of our experiences, as well as our chosen destiny by our own state of being positive in joy, appreciation and gratitude. We can be compassionate with all who are suffering, silently offering them, by our presence, an opportunity to awaken and transform their lives.

As we go about our lives, we can recognize the quality of energetic patterns that we’re attracted to, as well as the ones that repel us. These are things that we know intuitively. If we can become deeply sensitive to our intuition, we always know what is best for everyone we interface with and are aware of.

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