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An Inward Journey to Self-Authenticity

Our creating essence oozes love, joy and infinite awareness. With unlimited power to fulfill our heart’s desire, we are powerfully present in awareness of our infinite abilities, based in the enhancement of all life everywhere. Living in conscious creation of our life experiences permeates our attention. Our energetic alignment resonates with the most vibrant energies of life. In our essence, in our thoughts and desires, we live in gratitude, love and joy with everyone we encounter in any way. Everything within and around us is alive and flowing with our attention on what we most deeply desire and align with in the most vibrant ways. We are radiant Beings of light, brightness and beauty.


Being incarnate as humans is the most condensed form of conscious being. Because we inhabit a greatly-condensed energetic reality, we must intentionally choose to direct our attention to what we most love and desire in ways that enhance life everywhere. By aligning with the vibrations of gratitude, love and joy, we open our awareness to experiencing them in our imagination. With practice, apart from any limiting beliefs, we can direct our imagination to the kinds of visions and scenes that we feel completely good about, to the point of creating powerful feelings about them.


Living here in the world of humanity does not exclude greater awareness, if we desire it deeply and imagine ourselves participating in its energy. We can open our awareness of the light in the essence of everyone, even the darkest beings. As long as they are alive, they receive divine life force, which they are free to choose to use as they desire. Their desire, however, is to experience extreme separation in consciousness and life force from all other beings and things, while trying to control everything. This is the realm of our ego-consciousness. Because of our self-limited consciousness, we hold fear of the unknown and ultimately of termination. These are our limitations.


Even though in our essence we have the capability, it is a great challenge to be aware beyond spacetime from within humanity’s compartment of consciousness. Obviously, the play we’re acting in is designed to make it virtually impossible to transcend. Yet, we long for this ability. We have blinded ourselves to it by allowing ourselves to be deeply taught to give the empirical world our full attention and awareness, to the point of becoming fully involved in our vibratory alignment. We even punish ourselves and one another for transgressing the limitations we have imposed on ourselves through holding beliefs about ourselves. For us to allow expanding awareness, we must recognize, understand, accept and transform our limiting beliefs through realizing our true non-localized Self.


In order to know who we are as expanded beings, we must transcend spacetime by freeing our awareness to recognize the frequencies and polarity of the way we think and feel in every moment. If we choose to think about our inner light, we can realize the radiant effect we have in our attention upon the energetic patterns we hold. In our imaginary awareness, we can be as open as possible to the kinds of scenarios we most deeply desire in every moment. By recognizing the presence of love, as well as the energetics that diminish it, we can direct our attention to vibrations and scenarios that enhance life in every situation, including the most difficult. When we pay attention to our essence in the heart of our Being, with practice, we can sense the wonder and awesomeness of our true Self in its eternal presence.

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