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An Enlightened Life

What can we do with ourselves, once all our needs are fulfilled? Our inner guidance is steering us toward life enhancing expressions in every way. By enjoying ourselves in pursuit of our passions, we may have desires to be inspired in new ways. We can maintain a perspective of gratitude, compassion and joy. In our endeavors we may feel desires from within to create something or take some kind of action or just to be present in a high state of vibration. This is where inventiveness and creative visions arise. There is much that we can do to brighten the life of humanity.

All are our brothers and sisters, and all arise within the consciousness of the Creator as fractals of the entirety of universal consciousness. Although we can describe it, our ego-consciousness can grasp only part of our enormity. We have the ability to give without limit in every possible way, enriching our own experiences in the process. Our sustenance is our consciousness and our ability to create a high-quality of life effortlessly by intentionally living in positive, high vibrations in alignment with the energy of our heart-consciousness. In this state of Being, we always know everything we could want to know about our situation and anything that we pay attention to. When used in alignment with our heart-consciousness, our free will is our eternal gift to use our awareness however we desire.

When we are in vibratory alignment with our heart-consciousness, we can direct infinite energy through our conscious expressions to elevate the hearts of humanity. We can become powerfully radiant with unconditional love, compassion and joy. Our Source of every expression is the consciousness of the Creator. We are conscious extensions of the Creator. When we live in the dimension of unconditional love, we enjoy infinite creative power, while choosing to respect the sovereignty of all other conscious beings.

Without interfering with the consciousness of anyone, we can help to provide an environment of abundance and freedom for all. Once we’re flowing with this energy, we always have more that we can create. The more creative we become, the more fulfilling our lives become. We can become the masters of our attention and emotions, our visions and desires, with confidence in our creative ability without end. We can make our lives as much fun as we want, with as much excitement or solitude as we may choose.

When we enjoy ourselves with love for all, we expand the conscious awareness of humanity. We can be especially helpful in showing the poor and depressed that they can free themselves from the prison they have held themselves in. There are no needy people on Earth. There are, however, many who have believed themselves into servitude. That includes the vast majority of humanity. When they realize that we are truly free, they want to know how to do it. This is the opening for the Light to enter more hearts and for greater expansion of heart-consciousness.

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