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Aligning with Universal Consciousness

We can expand our awareness into the consciousness of the Creator, whose presence is everywhere and in everyone. Most of us don’t seem to recognize it, and some have almost completely blocked it out of their lives. As a result, they have become life-force parasites. The presence of Creator consciousness is what gives us life and unconditional love in eternal awareness. This is beyond ego-consciousness, which is limited by nature and is no longer useful in eternal awareness.

To be aware of being in the consciousness of the Creator, we must raise our vibrations to the level of gratitude and just be aware. It’s best to be in a serene natural environment. We can invite the energy of our heart to come into our awareness. This is our connection with universal consciousness, the consciousness of the Creator. It is also our intuition, our inner knowing.

As we realize that our awareness is expanding, we begin to recognize the presence of other awarenesses. We all share the same consciousness, and it is everywhere. All conscious beings arise out of the same consciousness with our own individual awareness. Even though we have chosen to express ourselves as separate bodies, we are all the same Being, connected in unconditional love and vitality, and living in multiple dimensions, separated by energetic polarity and vibratory patterns.

By opening ourselves to positive energy, we align with universal consciousness, and we’re able to focus on elevating energies. The more positive we become, the better our lives express love and compassion. We become helpful and life-enhancing to all around us. All things that our hearts desire come to us without effort on our part, unless we’re intuitively guided to do something. We become Self-motivated without ego-consciousness.

Intuition is higher guidance, but it is not our master, the way the ego has attempted to be. It is not intrusive. We have our free will and can decide in every moment how we want to feel and think and what energetics we want to align with, but we do need guidance to play our roles easily and with confidence that we are expressing our destiny in alignment with the consciousness of the Creator.

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