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Aligning with Our Natural Life Force

Our role within universal consciousness is to make everything more harmonious, more beautiful, more interesting and more spectacular. We can imagine ourselves as super heroes, able to command more beauty, joy and majesty all around us. All of this happens within our own consciousness, and it is possible for us to realize this now. In our true nature, we are unlimited in our awareness and in our creative ability. Our ego consciousness cannot believe this, because we are programmed to be limited, but we can free ourselves from our limitations by our intuitive knowing.

Because we are fractals of Creator consciousness, we have been able to create the empirical world as a realm of duality and limit our awareness to it by creating and accepting limiting beliefs about our abilities and identity. Nothing keeps us limited, except ourselves. Once we realize this, we can examine our beliefs to determine their polarity and vibratory level. If they are negative, even just a little, they arise from fear and have no basis outside of our own perspective and energetic alignment. Every time we encounter what we believe to be a negative situation, we come face to face with our limitations. This is the time to confront them and resolve them.

Any energetic pattern that is negatively polarized has no creative sustenance in universal consciousness, which is beyond duality. The essence of universal consciousness is life-enhancing energetic expressions. For us in the realm of duality, that aligns with positive polarity, which is the nature of the life force enlivening us constantly. Negative energy is ultimately self-destructive and must be converted into other energetics. We have the ability to do this in our own consciousness.

By spending time in meditation in calming, natural places, we can train ourselves to become aware of our intuitive knowing in positive, high-vibratory visions and feelings. It’s helpful to be grounded and In alignment with Gaia. By intentionally being in a state of joy and gratitude, we can receive our intuitive guidance more easily than if we are receiving dissonant vibrations. We can train ourselves to be in joy and gratitude as much as possible.

When we face challenges from negative energy, we can be in a state of love and compassion. The quality of energy that we face is within our own consciousness. If we are aware of it as such, we can recognize it as a sign from our intuition, asking for our attention in a higher perspective. In that state of being, we intuitively know how to think, speak and act. If we maintain a high perspective, we can resolve all limitations and realize our unlimited Being.

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Apr 02, 2022

Fabulous! Thank you! 🌼🌻🌸

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