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Aligning with Our Inner Self

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Each of us constantly receives a flow of conscious life force that has the energy of life-enhancement. We are free to use it as we please. It works by vibration and polarity. We receive our life force through the heart of our Being, and we can invite its feeling into our awareness. It is the source of our inspiration and everything that we deeply know, and it flows with unconditional love. When we can identify its vibratory quality with our attention and emotions, we can intentionally align with it. Living at this vibratory level transforms our awareness into a dimension beyond duality.

With an intentional desire to be grateful, appreciative, compassionate, loving and joyful, we can open our awareness to a realm of beauty and fulfillment, regardless of any drama of negativity around us. From its spectrum of polarity and vibrations, negativity cannot interface with us in a higher dimension. Only if we engage with negativity can it influence us. It needs our life force, which we provide with our attention. We pay with our attention.

By paying attention to our own inner energy, we can come to know ourselves acutely. In loving ways we can connect intimately with our subconscious, innate being, which connects us with universal consciousness. Its messages to us are based on innate knowing of everything. They do not contain or result from inductive reasoning. For our ego-mind this is all a mystery. Because ego-consciousness is based in fear of termination, it has no existence in our eternal presence of awareness.

We can open our awareness beyond our ego-mind’s limitations by paying attention to the qualities of our thoughts and feelings. In every moment we can choose to align with life-enhancing vibrations. This vibratory level is beyond fear and negativity. They are present in a lower dimension. In the realm of joy and love, we are transformed in alignment with high vibrations. Positivity fills our awareness and brings us fulfillment of the desires of our heart and everything that we imagine and love.

Because we have limited ourselves in every way, except for our intuitive knowing, we need a strong intention to transcend the limitation of ego-consciousness. To the ego, intuitive guidance may be unbelievable in many ways. We are being challenged to be sensitive to what we deeply know and to trust that it is true. Once we can realize what our intuition is, life becomes easy, and we can feel fulfilled in being able to create every experience we could ever want.

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