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Aligning with Our Infinite Being

Living in an ocean of life, we are designed to contribute to its enhancement. Enjoyment of life is our natural state of being. In order to deepen our understanding and compassion, we chose to engage realistically with the realm of duality, which we could not take seriously in our natural state. We had to create a separate space in our consciousness, by imposing limiting beliefs upon our human expression. We still live in our entire consciousness, the consciousness of the Creator of all. When we so desire, we can open our awareness to our natural expansiveness by intentionally resolving our limiting beliefs about ourselves through our intuitive knowing. Our human self is an expression of our greater multidimensional Self, whom we do not know in our ego-consciousness.

It is our intuitive awareness that gives us the ability to know our true Self. As ego-conscious humans, we have allowed ourselves to be so distracted by the stimulating energy patterns of the world around us, that we have been largely unaware of our intuitive guidance. In our limiting beliefs we harbor limiting, negative energy patterns deep within. By serious introspection, we can learn where we hide them. They are attachments to parasitic processes that sap our life force and keep us in fear and dis-ease. Once we realize their presence and their purpose, we have the ability to release them and retrieve our vitality and greater creative power.

Although our attachments to limiting beliefs about ourselves have been necessary for us to live in the limited compartment of consciousness of the realm of duality, we can realize what they are through our intuition. Our intuitive knowing is our way to realizing our expansiveness. There are many ways we can enhance our awareness of it. Being calm in nature while contemplating the energies around us and opening our awareness to the depth of Being in everything. We can learn a deep meditation technique, which can carry us into alignment with the energy of the heart of our Being. We can sing from the energy of our heart, because we can feel it. Inspiring music can help us to elevate our vibrations and open our awareness to a realm of heart-felt energy.

Once we are aware that we can know a higher dimension of energetics, we can intuitively realize its reality. When we accept this, we can live in universal consciousness. It’s a matter of developing sensitivity and confidence in our intuitive knowing, which comes from the consciousness that creates us and gives us our life force. It is unlimited in what it can do for us through the energy of our heart, and it is all we need to live abundant, fulfilling lives in service to the creation and enhancement of all life.

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