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Aligning with Our Greater Self

As fractals of universal consciousness, we have access to every thought and emotion that has ever occurred everywhere, but we have imposed upon ourselves the limited awareness of the dualistic, empirical spectrum of vibrations. This has been our agreement in order to play our roles in the human experience. We are such good actors and actresses, that we have become entranced in our roles. By our imagination, we are held in the vibratory range of the world that is real for us. This happens in our realization of what we recognize and resonate with, or what we resist, but also align with.

Humans are greatly conflicted. Because we are being guided to recognize a realm beyond our senses, we have lived in a world that is uncomfortable for us on many levels. Before we experience the material world, its essence arises in our consciousness and takes form. Although our consciousness is unlimited, our awareness of it is contained within our limiting beliefs about ourselves and our abilities. These limitations hold our attention, until we intentionally change it. When we choose to open ourselves to awareness of a more positive environment, we no longer have a need for limitations.

If we choose to know our greater Self, we can open our awareness to heart-felt vibrations and pay attention to our inner knowing. Everything in our experience is symbolic in providing guidance for us to elevate our awareness. The energetic quality of creator consciousness is the enhancement of life everywhere, whereas negative consciousness is the diminution of life everywhere. When our imagination and emotions are dominated by fear and a sense of lack, our experiences involve obstacles for us to continue as we have. The energies of life are always positive and light-filled, making our experiences smooth and easy. This is our natural state, enabling us to express our greatest heart-felt passions without interference.

In order to know creator consciousness, we must align with its energetics. By being always aligned with the energy of our heart, we transform our experiences from difficult and uncomfortable to graceful and joyous. When we can attain these states intentionally within our own being, regardless of the energies we have allowed to fill our awareness, we enhance our roles in the human drama and free ourselves from our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

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