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Aligning with Our Expanded Self

On the path to conscious expansion, we have many higher-dimensional beings in our presence, offering their light and guidance for us, as soon as we desire it and open ourselves to receiving it through our intuition. We can sense their positive, high-vibratory energy and align ourselves with it in gratitude for its uplifting feeling. If we can completely open ourselves in confident love and joy, we can receive so much life-enhancing stimulation to stay in their level of polarity and vibrations. It is a level of wonder and magic for our limited awareness.

Both subconsciously and consciously we have awareness of our intuition. It can carry us beyond the limitations of our ego-consciousness. This may take some practice to accomplish. The requirement is being open and receptive to intuitive knowing, and wanting to align with it. It’s helpful to be mentally and emotionally neutral and just present in awareness. It’s possible to be in this state of consciousness as we go about our lives. Our openness and intention draw us into the attracting polarity of higher-dimensional energy, and our awareness can expand greatly.

As we become more sensitive to our intuition, we gain confidence that it is divine guidance in every moment. It is in alignment with the consciousness of the Creator, and is life-enhancing in every way. As we gain familiarity with our higher-dimensional coaches, we can recognize what they feel like in the energy of their presence, just as we can feel our intuition. Because it is filled with vitality-enhancing energies, our higher guidance always feels good. Our natural energies are all positive and loving. In our true Self, we cannot know fear, because we are eternal, Self-Aware consciousness personified, and infinitely powerful creators.

In our true, expanded Self, we can create manifestations of ourselves in any dimension. Here we are expressing ourselves as human persons with limited conscious awareness in a realm of duality, which we have kept ourselves in, by creating limiting beliefs about ourselves. We are experience creators for universal consciousness. We are accomplishing the nearly-impossible by living in a deeply negative realm of duality and transforming it. We’re doing it by resolving and transcending the limiting beliefs about ourselves, as we align with our intuitive knowing.

Whenever we want, we can return to our unlimited consciousness by making it our intention and following our intuitive guidance. Through our openness and receptivity and the desire of our heart, we can come into awareness of our eternal Being. We can be led to everything we need to come into alignment with our infinite Self-Realized Present Awareness.

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