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Aligning with our Essence

Although we have incarnated here without understanding what we intend to accomplish in this lifetime, and how we can create the experiences we truly want, we can become aware of these things and much more. We face great challenges by being programmed with false information and limiting beliefs, and we take on the fears, sense of separation and lack that imbue our society. We have not learned to develop sensitivity to our own inner knowing, which holds the fulfillment of everything we could ever want. Once we catch a hint of our potential, we can transform our lives.

We’ve spent eons contributing to universal consciousness in our experiences with negativity, and we’ve become so entranced with it that we’ve convinced ourselves that we are our ego-consciousness living in our physical bodies, often living in poverty, suffering the dictates of tyrants and destined to die alone. In our true Self, none of this would be possible. We make it possible by our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Although we may believe that we can be hurt, subjugated or inspired by others, our first realization of remembering who we are is awareness of our free will in choosing how we want to feel about anything. No force outside of ourselves can dictate how we feel. Although we may relinquish our personal power, we can control our attention and how we feel about what we focus on. Once we realize this, we can begin to direct our thoughts and emotions in creative ways.

Many of us have been unaware or have been unable to grasp the understanding of quantum physics that there is nothing solid about our empirical world. Everything consists of conscious, swirling patterns of energy, beginning with the smallest sub-atomic entities. We are constantly interacting with energetic expressions of consciousness, and this includes our bodies. Our feelings and beliefs are energetic expressions of our conscious choices, including our subconscious selves, which we can become aware of and draw into mental and emotional alignment with our presence of awareness.

Because the empirical world is an electromagnetic energetic expression of consciousness, it is through conscious processes that we interact with this world. The quantum sciences have determined that our conscious recognition of energetic patterns brings them into our awareness as real for us. Apart from our recognition, they are not real in our experience. They are unmanifested energies outside of our personal experience. Every possible form and substance exists in the quantum field, expressed in consciousness and available for our recognition.

All conscious beings share the same consciousness. We are all of the same essence within unified consciousness, and this consciousness includes everything about us, our feelings, thoughts and awareness. Although we have our personal awareness, we are not separate beings with separate consciousness. We are constantly creating the experience of separateness by our limiting beliefs about ourselves. It is a play in consciousness, expressed energetically as empirical reality.

Once we become aware of our free-will choices about ourselves, we can learn to direct our thoughts and feelings in alignment with the qualities that we desire. If we open our awareness and are receptive to the feelings inherent in our essence, we can transform our lives in alignment with the consciousness of the Creator of all, within which we live and have our identity. We can direct our attention to our Source Consciousness in the energy of our heart. This is our creative essence of unconditional love and enhancement of all life, constantly interacting in union with all conscious beings everywhere.

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