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Aligning with Our Cosmic Environment

We are being invited to change our realization of the quality of our reality. The cosmos is challenging us to disconnect from negative energy, because our energetic environment is becoming increasingly positive and kind. As the resonant frequencies of the Earth rise, we must adapt to them in order to continue to live here. If we cannot become heart-conscious, our biological systems become unstable, and our lives come apart. When we align with negative energy, we become self-diminishing, and our personal environment becomes overwhelmed by the power of the increasing environmental resonance.

Our constant focus upon the energies of gratitude and joy brings us in alignment with our heart-consciousness. In this state of being, we are beyond negativity, and it does not enter our lives. While we make the transition to transcendent Being, we must deal with the depths of our consciousness from which arise negative feelings of shame, guilt, anger, victimization, fear, doubt and depression. We may be able to resolve some of these through therapy, but meanwhile they cause chaos in our lives. To resolve the root of all of them, we can recognize the nature of fear, which is based on our belief in personal diminishment and mortality.

We are not required to get old, sick and die. The experiences of them are a result of our belief in applying them to ourselves. By refocusing our attention, we can resolve the root of these beliefs and then release them to be transcended by what we love. Our entire lives in the dualistic empirical world are confined within the energetic spectrum of ego-conscious experience. Our ego-consciousness cannot allow us to open our awareness beyond fear. To do so, we need a more powerful inner guidance source that will enable us to transcend ego-consciousness.

As the most powerful energetic source in our essence, the heart of our Being is the conveyance of conscious life-force arising in universal consciousness. It gives us as much vitality and conscious awareness as we allow ourselves with our limiting beliefs. When we resolve these beliefs, we can open ourselves to the entirety of universal consciousness, and we can realize our energy-modulating ability in constantly creating our experiences.

Because our heart resonates with infinite love and vitality, these are the vibrations that we must align with in order to live in a higher dimension of consciousness. Whatever interferes with our thoughts and feelings on this level is a personal limitation that we can resolve and transcend through our conscious intention. We have the ability to choose our state of being in every moment. The more we can pay attention to what arises within our psyche on a positive level, the closer we come to mastery of our personal world.

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