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Aligning with Our Conscious Essence

Living in infinite consciousness, each of us is a participant in the whole. In the heart of our Being, we can have awareness without limits throughout universal consciousness. The bodies that we believe are real for us, are created in our consciousness as expressions of energies that can challenge and invite us to attune with our intuitive knowing. The world of human experience is a game or a play that we are acting in. It’s like a computer game, and we direct our acting in the quest to free ourselves from limitations.

As we began acting in this play, we did not know that we are the directors of our lives, or that we create the qualities of our experiences. Our state of being is a result of how we feel about ourselves. This is a matter of free choice in directing our thoughts and feelings. In our energetic presence we interact with potential experiences that are magnetically attractive, and we choose our own vibratory resonance in every moment.

In the play of our human experiences, there is a vast number of possible scenarios. We have absolute freedom of choice to determine the path that we take in every moment. We can control and direct how we feel in every situation, filtered by our limiting beliefs about ourselves. By resolving and releasing our limitations, we become clear in our presence of awareness. We can release or intensify all personal drama, resulting in experiences that give us the same kind of feelings.

If we are aware of the qualities of our state of being in each moment, we can direct our visions and emotions in ways that feel best for us and for all life. If we choose this path, we naturally receive whatever we need in every moment, because we are participating in the enhancement of life, including our own. Without internal stress from doubt and fear, we can be aware of our deepest knowing and can align ourselves with it in our mental, emotional and physical processes and expressions.

As we align with our heart-consciousness, we can open our awareness to the freedom that we have as creators of our life experiences. All the props in our play are provided for us to be able to act out our parts in resonance with our energy signature, which we constantly create. We can be as limited or unlimited as we desire, depending upon the kind of experiences we want.

As humans, we have the potential of greater awareness through our intuitive knowing in the consciousness of our heart. This consciousness is unlimited. Once we realize our essence beyond time/space in infinite conscious awareness, we become the masters of our lives in every dimension that we choose to participate in.

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