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Aligning with Higher Guidance

In order to participate in the realm of duality, the world of positive and negative experiences, we agreed to believe that we are mortal and can experience pain and fear. These would not be possible for us apart from our belief in their reality. Once we realize something, it becomes real for us. We cannot unrealize it. That is how the empirical world exists. All humans realize its reality and align with its spectrum of vibrations. Its vibratory patterns are held as reality in our consciousness in the form of our beliefs.

Since our limiting beliefs about ourselves are based in some kind of fear, they are misaligned with our true Being, which is unlimited and exists in unconditional love and creative enhancement of all life. If we choose to come into alignment and are open to, and desirous of, experiencing our true, expanded Self, our intuition will show us greater awareness. Without our belief in doubt and fear, they cannot exist for us, and we can transcend them into intuitive knowing.

One obstacle is that our ego-consciousness cannot live without doubt and fear. It lives in an uncertain world, as we have believed. We may be compassionate and understanding with our ego and instruct ourselves that we are now receiving higher guidance and no longer need to depend upon what we have considered rationality. This is a big step and requires a strong desire and clarity of focus. It’s something we can grow into as we develop intuitive sensitivity, always seeking the presence of more joy and light in every circumstance and moment of rest.

We may gradually come to know in our entire being everything we need to know to fulfill the true desires of our heart. By being consciously present in every moment, without mental or emotional stimulation, we can know our intuition clearly. Being barefoot in the wilderness on a beautiful day can foster this awareness. Aligning with the rising energy of the Earth is helpful, as is feeling the light of the sun. There are many ways of knowing our inner guidance, and they all require our intention and our open awareness in acceptance of what we receive.

Our intuition is multidimensional and comes through our expanded Self. It is always positive and of high vibrations in the spectrum of gratitude, joy and compassion. This is the level to focus on for intuitive sensitivity. Through our intuition we can know our eternal Self, our unlimited creative present awareness.

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