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Aligning with Gaia’s Rising Resonant Frequencies

Because of the rising resonant frequency of our planetary home, the level of our personal vibrations must also rise. If we are out of resonance with Gaia, we will be very uncomfortable and probably won’t want to be here. We are moving toward more positive personal experiences, and the parasites are having to leave. Our near future includes a transformation of everyone who is open to greater love, and the others will be uneasy and stressed-out.

The geomagnetics of the Earth are changing, and scientists are predicting that our planet is losing its negative pole and shifting to a single positive in the center. This supports the rising resonance and indicates that we are moving toward only positive vibrations in a higher spectrum of energy. It is the realm of love, compassion, gratitude and freedom.

Our most important form of freedom is our freedom to choose our perspective, our thoughts and our emotions. Having control over our thoughts and feelings and being able to realize their presence when desired, enables us to be trustworthy to ourselves. When we choose to connect strongly with our intuition, we can transcend our personal limiting beliefs about ourselves, because we can experience expansion of our awareness beyond the limitations of living in duality.

If we are interested in being only positive, there are things we can do to take us in that direction. We can practice deep, slow, rhythmic breathing in order to relax into a more expansive state of being, as we unfocus and become our unencumbered present awareness. In this state of being, we can align ourselves with gratitude and joy.

In our encounters with others, we can accept everyone who comes into our presence with gratitude and compassion. There may be some rocky encounters for a while. These we can use to learn greater control of our mental and emotional alignment. The more we practice our own form of deep meditation, the more we can realize our infinite Self, beyond our accustomed human experience. When we spend time alone and barefoot in nature, we can sense the rising resonance of Gaia and align with it. She is a Being of unconditional love for all of us, regardless of what we do to her.

For us to be able to experience unconditional love, we must align with our deepest inner knowing. It takes us into the heart of our Being, where, in gratitude and joy, we can sense the presence of conscious life force arising within universal consciousness and modulating the energies that pass through our mental and emotional states of being into alignment with us. By being sensitive to these positive, high-vibratory energies through our intuition, we can continue to expand our awareness.

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