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Adapting to Our Changing Cosmic Environment

Although we exist as individual expressions of infinite consciousness, we appear as our own creative expressions in multiple dimensions. Each of us is in essence a personalized presence of awareness with infinite creative power that we are designed to use as we choose. Since we are participating in a dualistic world that we believe is real, fear and doubt keep us from trusting ourselves with our abilities. We have accepted beliefs that limit our expressions. This keeps us from destroying the cosmos while we attempt to survive without higher guidance.

Because of the rising positive energies of our cosmic environment in the form of conscious gamma rays penetrating everything with fractalizations of universal consciousness, we are being drawn toward raising our vibrations into expressions of gratitude and compassion. The dimension containing negative energy is dissolving, and we are entering a dimension beyond polarity, in which all energetic patterns are life-enhancing. This is the quality of energetic expressions throughout the larger portion of universal consciousness, and is the expression that comes to us through the intuition of the heart of our Being. We have as much access to it as we allow ourselves.

Through our imagination, we create our own reality. We believe that the energetics of the empirical world are solid and physically experienced. In essence they are patterns of electromagnetic waves that our consciousness interprets through our imagination as our empirical reality. All of these waves are comprised of minute conscious beings, and we can feel their vibratory expressions. By focusing our attention on certain energetics, we bring them into our recognition, and we interact energetically with them in a way that we realize as reality. Without our recognition, they remain part of our energetic environment, but they are not in our awareness.

We can expand our awareness in any way that we desire. Once we have been able to calm our emotions and mental processes to a state of clarity, we can have complete control, consciously and subconsciously, of our imagination and emotions. We can be truly creative in expressing our passionate attractions in life-enhancing ways. We are the creators of experiences, and they can be as wonderful as we imagine with gratitude and joy. As we pay attention to our visions and feel ourselves living in them, we change our personal energy signature in alignment with their qualities, attracting experiences that resonate positively with us. Eventually we can realize that we are experiencing the quality of the realm that we create in our imagination.

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