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Acknowledging Our Inner Light

In our lives, light is provided by our Sun, which is so bright that we cannot look at it. Each of us is capable of this kind of radiance. Light is our essence, along with all energies that create life and make it better and more beautiful. All of these vibratory energetic patterns consist of conscious subatomic beings, expressing potential forms that we can modulate into experiences by our mental and emotional processes. We can see our inner light through our pineal energy center, and we can realize it in the vibratory qualities of our heart. This is where our conscious life-force arises in the consciousness that creates everything, and we are the directors of its manifestation in the empirical world.

We have beliefs and perspectives that align us with resonant energetics in the quantum field. This is where manifestation is created, resulting in our experiences. Because we have subjected ourselves to a world with negative, destructive energies, we have veiled our inner light. Except for our beliefs, we are not required to maintain this veil. When we realize our non-localized essence in our presence of awareness, we can free ourselves to feel, know and express the unconditional love that flows through our heart. These are the energies that we are naturally most attracted to.

Although all beliefs are limiting, we can use them to achieve transcendence beyond them. By choosing to realize small miracles in our lives, we can set our beliefs a little further into our fulfillment. We can do things like align in gratitude with the angels of the air and believe that they love to cooperate with us, bringing about weather patterns that we desire. We can thank our personal angels for creating a parking space that we want and believe that it is happening. If we stretch our beliefs a little, and we continue to do so, we can eventually come to realize the infinite, creative, inner radiance that flows into us and that we can direct. We can cooperate with all the forces and beings of nature.

We set our own limits in everything, from the conditions of our bodies to the qualities of our lives and relationships. Much of this we have inherited, in order to have specific experiences, but once we come to realize our true essence and choose to align with its vibratory level, which we know through our heart-consciousness, we are free to create whatever experiences and life situations we desire. The radiance of our inner light becomes visible beyond our physical presence.

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