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Achieving True Personal Freedom

Beyond our physical bodies, we are our eternal and infinite presence of awareness with our own chosen vibratory pattern and alignment. We are electromagnetically radiant in the energy of our state of being. We are multi-dimensional in our presence, and we can realize our essence of Being as our infinitely creative Self in our energetic expressions. In recognizing the nature of the energy in the heart of our Being, symbolized by our physical heart, we can align our feelings in every moment with the life-enhancing expressions of the conscious life force arising in our intuition. Within the consciousness of the infinite One, we are fractals of infinite consciousness being constantly guided in creativity.

In our current personal expression, we are playing human lives that challenge and guide us to align more closely with our intuitive knowing and feeling. Every experience prompts us to open more and more to our heart-consciousness. When we are fully aligned with the gratitude, compassion, joy and love of our natural state of Being, we become the true directors of our earthly lives. We can regenerate and change our bodies at any time. We can do this by realizing the reality of our visions and feelings.

Our present experience of reality is based on what we believe we know. In our essence we have no beliefs, and we create our reality in every moment by our vibratory alignment. We can know who we are in the deepest sense as infinite Being. We can participate in the infinite love of the Creator of all and share in life-enhancing energies. Translating all of this into our present lives as humans, we can be filled with vitality and vigor, and always know through our intuitive guidance how to be, how to think, feel and act in life-enhancing ways.

When we can recognize our intuitive guidance, we can transform our lives through our ability to align ourselves with gratitude, joy and love. This is the energetic spectrum of life-enhancement. Through these vibrations, we can expand our awareness beyond limiting beliefs about ourselves, and we can maintain our alignment in every moment. This requires intentional practice, until we attain it.

Through our intuition, we can resolve our limiting beliefs about ourselves. This is our path to freedom. In realizing that we create our own fearful situations by harboring self-created fear and doubt, we give ourselves the choice of changing our alignment to the vibrations of our heart. If we can maintain this alignment, we can live in a vibratory spectrum beyond negativity, and our enslavement to fear is only a memory.

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