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Achieving Mastery of Ourselves

Although we may not realize it, we are the masters of our lives in every way. As humans, we are subject to a trick that we play upon our limited, personal consciousness, and so we don’t believe that our conscious presence of awareness is unlimited. We have limited our awareness by believing that we are limited, and we have lived our lives with this perspective, not even able to imagine being unlimited.

We are designed to be guided by our intuition, which is unlimited in wisdom and understanding. When we have aligned ourselves with our intuitive knowing, our hearts can open in true love and joy. We can realize ourselves in the eternal Consciousness that envelops all. Our awareness in universal consciousness transcends all limitations, dissolving them in our human consciousness, and allowing us to direct our lives in conscious mastery.

Aligning ourselves with our intuitive knowing is our path to mastery. This can happen if we direct our attention to finding the positive vibrations of love, gratitude and life-enhancing feelings. When we can bring these feelings up within ourselves, we can be aware of our inner knowing. This is the natural vibratory level of our expanded being, beyond polarity, time and space.

We are designed to be creators and experiencers of the energy of our creations. We create with our conscious awareness through the energetic patterns that we align with in resonance. When we are holding any level of fear, we create experiences that stimulate fear. When we are completely positive, we create only situations that elicit joy and appreciation. We do this through our state of being, the qualities of our thoughts and emotions.

Our intuition is only positive, and its guidance is life-enhancing. Since it is beyond the capabilities of our ego, we may have inner conflict. We can learn to pay attention to our immediate knowing, regardless of what the ego may want. The more we recognize our intuitive guidance, the greater our awareness can become, until we can realize our presence beyond time and space.

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