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Accessing Guidance beyond the Mind

When we are aligned with the energy of our heart, we live in the moment. We are in the right place at the right time in every moment, always knowing in depth what is happening and where the energy that flows through us is going. We can live in the light of creative love and gratitude in every encounter, enhancing and enriching the energies around us, experiencing joy. Our past and our future are only potential experiences that depend upon our state of being in the present moment, and in moment-to-moment.

In alignment with our heart-energy, time is irrelevant, because we always know where to be and what to think, feel, do and say in each moment. The moments can be a constant flow of gratitude, compassion, joy and love, and they can be filled with the flow of visions and everything that our heart desires, and everything that we enjoy doing and experiencing in ways that are life-enhancing for all.

We can learn to be very sensitive to negative feelings in us, and we can identify them as such and transform them. Impatience, along with all other negative vibrations, belongs to ego-consciousness. When we live in the moment, patience is not needed, because we know that we’re always where we want to be. Until we know this, we can practice believing it. When we open ourselves to our intuitive knowing, and feel ourselves experiencing its energetic quality, it becomes our experience.

Eventually we can learn to be able to realize the reality of everything we can imagine and feel. This is what we are created to do. We are the creators of experiences to enrich universal consciousness, and we’ve been given the gift of deciding what kind of energies we want for ourselves. Because of our powerful training and programing in society, we have become deeply attached to our limiting beliefs about ourselves, not even realizing that they filter out of our awareness everything that vibrates beyond ego-consciousness. The ego has no higher guidance. It is oblivious to our inner knowing, because this is different from our rational mind. Inner knowing is beyond thought. It is the self-knowing truth arising in us through our conscious life force. It is infinite knowing within our awareness wherever we place our attention. This is beyond words to describe.

Living in the present moment is the only time. Our only awareness is here, now. By transcending our limitations and belief in time, we can intentionally open our ourselves to our infinite presence of awareness in alignment with our inner knowing. Once we become aware of our real creative ability, our thoughts become things to play and have fun with, along with our emotions. No threats can impinge upon us, because we realize their nothingness without our attention and alignment. This is beyond belief for ego-consciousness, but we can find it to be true in our experience. It requires absolute inner alignment for us.

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