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Accepting, Understanding and Loving Everyone

When we begin to realize that we deeply want to live meaningful and fulfilling lives with others who feel the same way, we have many questions, because our ego-consciousness continues to intrude with its struggle for survival in the face of imagined suffering and termination. If we are attentive to what happens in our consciousness, can feel the energy that we align with in every moment. We know the difference between positive and negative energy, between life-enhancing and life-diminishing energies.

When we are staring into the face of an encounter that challenges us with ego-threatening energies, we may not want to be compassionate and loving. When threatened, the ego wants to engage and resist the threat with a desire for revenge and justice. This entire scenario is negatively polarized and cannot be resolved through warfare or retribution. Negativity cannot be corrected by negativity. To transform ourselves from involvement with negativity, we must change our focus to the energy of our heart.

Whenever we feel threatened or diminished in any way, we are in the grip of fear and negativity. If we react with anger or submission, we are aligning with the spectrum of negativity and creating more of the same in our personal experience. All of this is happening in our own consciousness and being expressed through our electromagnetic radiance, which magnetically interacts with compatible energetic patterns, creating experiences for us.

Everything in the universe is balanced. For every negative, there is a positive. We have the freedom to choose to experience either one. The consequence of our decision is what happens in the quality of our lives afterward. If we want lives that we are truly thankful for, we must begin by being in gratitude in every moment, regardless of whether our ego-consciousness imagines threats. Being loving, compassionate, thankful and joyful works best when we are clearly aware of our inner guidance.

By aligning with the conscious life force flowing through our heart, we can inhabit an energetic dimension that is different from the realm of duality, in which negativity exists. We can choose to be in gratitude, which modulates the energies around us to attract experiences that we want to have. When we accept all energetic patterns of positive and negative polarities, we can become non-judgmental and fearless of everything, knowing that we control the quality of every moment by our own vibratory level. This can be a constant intentional choice.

Because everything is part of universal consciousness, nothing beyond our own awareness has any effect on our essence. Whether we realize it or not, we are the masters of our lives in every moment. This is how we are designed and how we operate. If we can understand this, we can become Self-Realized.

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