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Accepting and Adjusting to Our Ascension

Beyond ego-consciousness, our Self-Identity is our eternal presence of awareness. Those of us who have had out-of-body experiences know that our conscious awareness is not localized. It is spherical in this dimension and infinite beyond time/space. In the empirical world of duality, we express ourselves as our human persons. It is a game that we play with one another, as we act out our contemporaneous roles. We have trained ourselves to believe this is our complete reality. What is important here is the experiences that we create for ourselves and for our interactions with others.

As children, we try to get our bearings in this dimension. It’s a bit like constantly being on disorienting rides in an amusement park, since we are incarnated without any idea of who we are. We have to learn the nature of this dimension and how to navigate it, while remaining in resonance with it. We have adjusted to living in a hypnotic trance, in which we do not allow ourselves to realize anything beyond happenstance and struggling to enjoy being in the body. Being pressed by our circumstances, we develop ego-consciousness to cope with the realm of duality, where we have lived under constant threat of intimidation and termination. We don’t want to be eliminated from this game, so we have endured a lot of suffering.

Not knowing our own creative potential, we have learned how to steal life-force from others to enhance our own. Then we have to experience the qualities of everything we’ve done to others and that we’re afraid of, because it’s the energetic pattern that we’ve created in our imagination and feelings. Because we can’t trust ourselves, we find it scary to know how powerful we are. We doubt our ability to the point that we don’t believe who we are, and the idea of knowing everything has been unacceptable to us. The same with loving everyone and being in gratitude and joy.

Yet we innately know that we encompass more than the world we have been experiencing. When we look within to our deepest knowing and feeling, awareness our essence beyond time/space can become our reality. We have the ability intentionally to transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We can realize the nature of the game that we’re playing, and we have assumed our roles, allowing ourselves to feel however we want in any moment. We do not need to react to anything or anyone in any way except what feels best to us in the intuitive knowing of our heart.

Always we can choose to be in gratitude and joy, creating experiences that harmonize with our energies. In the quantum field of all potentialities, we can allow our energy signature to care for us through our radiance, where our awareness and the qualities of our thoughts, emotions and perspective are known, and where universal consciousness provides experiences that stimulate those qualities in us.

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