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A Pathway to Greater Mastery

If we desire to become aware of other realms and dimensional levels, as well as our own deeper consciousness, we must learn to meditate deeply. At first this requires concentration in developing awareness of the inner path. We can deepen our sensitivity to our intuitive knowing and greater extra-sensory abilities. By breathing deeply and rhythmically a few times with the intention of expanding into our infinite awareness and imagining ourselves enveloping the cosmos, we can feel ourselves completely at ease just being present awareness. With practice we can achieve this state of being in which we are unfocused and receptively aware. Our awareness can expand as far as we are willing to go. We are our only limitations. It is important to be aware of our intuitive guidance and to stay positive and open to high vibratory feelings.

Whatever limiting beliefs are hiding in our subconscious will reveal themselves as we begin to transcend them. We can face them with open hearts and gratitude for their intentions to protect our ego-selves. Once we recognize them, we can understand that they have been necessary for us to have an authentic human experience in a realm of duality, and they cling to our psyche as parasitic attachments. They need our life force through our alignment with them in order to exist. When we become completely positive, we no longer align with their negativity, we reclaim our life force, and they disappear from our experience, opening our awareness beyond our former limitations.

We may have to work on this process for a while before noticeable progress, but as we become sensitive to our intuition, we gain deeper understanding of everything. We can feel more radiant, and we love to look into each other’s eyes, where we exchange conscious photons. As we learn to be at ease and aware of our intuitive guidance, a more expansive life opens up for us. This requires a strong intent and lots of practice, and the result is ascension into a higher realm that is only positive.

We can learn to control our thoughts and emotions positively at will in alignment with our intuition, creating and receiving everything we need in every moment. We can communicate intuitively with our guides and higher beings, and we can thoroughly enjoy each moment and be masters of our every encounter with others. We can realize that we are our eternal, present awareness, able to manifest however we desire anywhere, while also participating as radiant Beings in our human experiences.

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May 06, 2022

Beautiful! 🌼

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