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A Path of Personal Transformation

As humans living in the spectrum of vibrations that we realize as real, we have a great challenge to realizing a more wonderful reality. Once we decide that we want to elevate our energetic expression, and live in a realm of love and joy, we have many options to expand our realization beyond our current limitations. If we feel imposed upon by a great force of negativity that threatens our physical lives, we may want to dissolve this experience, but we have trained ourselves to realize its reality, whenever its vibrations grab our attention. We feel compelled to engage with it. This brings our own thoughts and emotions in alignment with it, either for compliance and support or for resistance and anger. Both of these perspectives are the same kind of energy. It is restrictive and diminishing of life.

Until we are able to master the dualistic empirical world, we are governed by our ego-consciousness, which must protect itself from its believed suffering and mortality. This happens in us when we focus on the negativity of fear and doubt. We feel that we have no choice, and that we must deal with negativity on its own level. The more we engage with it, the more we give it control of our awareness. Our ego-consciousness feels that we must suffer in some way in order to survive and live comfortable lives. When we have no awareness of higher guidance, this is a true situation.

If we want awareness of our true intuition and divine guidance, there is a shift in our awareness that we must initiate intentionally. If we want expanded awareness, we must align our own vibratory level with gratitude, compassion and joy. We can recognize the quality of energies that we face, while maintaining our inner awareness as well. This is how we can realize and align with our inner knowing. Intuitively, we can participate in the consciousness of the Creator, and we can be unlimited in every way. When we can continue to feel unconditional love for the consciousness of everyone, regardless of their state of being, we can live in miraculous ways, while resolving and releasing our own negativity, which transforms our lives into experiences of gratitude and joy. We receive the feedback from our own vibratory level of love.

When we can stay completely positive in gratitude and love in every moment, while being in alignment with the vibrations of our heart-consciousness, we are free in every way, and we can choose to create without limit the experiences that resonate with our heart’s desires. This is how we transform our lives when we intentionally use our imagination and emotions to create experiences in alignment with our realization of the reality of love and light in the conscious life force of everyone. We can become master modulators of all patterns of energy by the power of our realization.

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