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A Deeper Understanding of Life

As humans, we have locked ourselves into a prison of consciousness, which we create in order to live in a realistic empirical world of duality. But it is only our beliefs that have held us in this restricted area. Nothing outside of ourselves keeps us from expanding our awareness and realizing what this human experience is all about from a perspective that lives beyond this realm. It is a perspective of absolute enhancement in every way for all of life. It is far beyond what words can express and must be known intuitively.

From a higher perspective of intuitive knowing, life as humans is all about having experiences that would not be possible beyond our limitations. We are learning how to yield our creative power in trustworthy and life-enhancing ways, while also doing the opposite to know how it feels. We self-regulate our creative powers by not believing in their reality. This keeps us from being intergalactic terrorists.

When we are ready to live in a realm of life-enhancement for all, we can gain self-trust and intuitive knowing. Human life becomes the artificial construct that it is for us. We have constantly recreated it in every moment that we realize its reality for us. We have had no idea of the potential of our awareness, because it is beyond ego-consciousness.

We can talk about infinite awareness, but its realization is a different experience. We are beings of radiant light beyond the physical body. We are our presence of infinite awareness within the consciousness of All that IS. Through our realizations, we are the creators, the modulators of energetic patterns, which are the expressions of universal consciousness. Realizations of living in a higher energetic dimension are possible by resolving and transcending our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

By practicing to control our focus of attention and emotions at will, we can create wonderful visions of a realm of beauty and magical energies and feel ourselves living in it. We can begin to see the light in everyone in our lives and relate in a higher level of being. We can intentionally make every aspect of ourselves expressive of life-enhancement for all. With our growing intuitive knowing, our presence of awareness expands into a dimension beyond duality, where there is only unconditional love filling everyone and everything. It is in this state of Being that we can express our true infinite creativity.

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