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Intuitive Explorations

We are being drawn into an awareness beyond the conscious mind and beyond mental knowledge, if this is what we innately want. If we do not want to experience it, we will not be aware of it. We have an inner knowing in our innate consciousness. It is always present for us as much as we desire its awareness and are willing to trust it implicitly, because it is always right in every moment, changing as our conscious vibrations change. It is a level of conscious expression beyond good and evil. As pure creative essence of awareness, we are beyond everything humanity is aware of.


Being spaceless and timeless in our essence, we are fearless, because we can intentionally direct everything in our experience through controlling our vibratory energy. By paying attention to the highest and most joyous thoughts and feelings as much as we allow ourselves, we draw experiences to ourselves at the level of the vibrations of our energetic signature.


It is our level of expectations that limit the awareness we are being drawn into. This awareness transcends our fixations on the realm of duality. When we live in the vibrations of gratitude, love and joy, we are no longer susceptible to experiences in a lower vibratory octave. They are energetically oppositely polarized, are incompatible and do not interact. To achieve expanded awareness, we can learn to achieve heart-felt control of our energy signature.


If we can imagine that we are our eternal, infinite presence of awareness without form or substance, we can intentionally align ourselves with these vibrations beyond polarity. They are what is true in every aspect of life in every moment, and they are part of our innate, expanding awareness. Because this is a level of energetic vibrations that is innate to us, it invites our attention to everything that we deeply love and want to experience in all our relationships and in our sense of being.


As we become aware of our essential Being, we lose all doubt and fear. They are of a lower-frequency polarity and can exist only where there is negative energy that diminishes life. There can be lots of negative drama going on around us, but it cannot affect us, unless we align with its energy. The quality of our life is an expression of our conscious and sub-conscious beliefs about ourselves. Focusing our attention on our essence can give us absolute confidence in what we know deeply within.

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