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Hana, Maui waterfall. Connecting with the abundance of nature.

The majesty and beauty of nature inspires us

photo by Ken Schmitt


Intuitive Knowing


Quantum Spirituality


The birth of quantum physics brought science and spirituality into alignment. It was the realization by physicists that photons have consciousness, and not just limited consciousness, but awareness of the entire cosmos. This is easy to prove by a simple experiment. A photon is a sub-atomic quantum of light that has no mass, but has momentum and vibratory frequency.

Physicists projected a beam of light toward an opaque wall with two slits in it. The light passed through the two slits onto a photographic plate. The plate showed interference between the two streams of photons after they passed through the slits. When one of the slits was covered, the stream of photons showed no interference. This showed that photons act as energetic waves with frequency patterns. When a single photon was projected onto the wall with two slits, it showed an interference pattern, indicating that this indivisible photon was able to find all available pathways through the wall and be in two places at the same time, while landing on the photographic plate in a single flash of light. The photon knew when one slit was open and when two slits were open. When passing through one part of the experiment, it knew what was happening in the entire experiment. It did this only when it was unobserved in the process of traveling, displaying the interference pattern of a wave. When a detection instrument was set up to observe the photon, the photon immediately appeared as a particle and passed through only one of the slits. It knew when it was being observed. The photon demonstrated that it was aware of the entire experiment and knew when to adjust its expression between being an observable particle of light or an unobserved wave that can only be known by the trail that it leaves behind.

This experiment works just as well with electrons, protons and countless other sub-atomic particles or waves. This implies that every sub-atomic entity knows the quantum state of the entire universe. The quantum world is entirely sentient. Each of its parts is aware of the whole.

The entire cosmos is conscious, and we interact with it in myriad ways that alter the appearance and experience in our own consciousness.



Self-Identity and Human Potential


Our true nature is pure awareness. We are the awareness of being a conscious, complex, high-level focus of a unique expression of heart-centered energy. We are a self-conscious present awareness within a consciousness that includes everyone who has awareness. We naturally participate in this unity consciousness, but we can, and usually do, subconsciously set boundaries for our awareness.

Pure consciousness is the awareness of the One Creator. The infinite Creator creates living fractals of its being and extensions of its Consciousness. It is who we all are in our innermost being. It’s what gives us life. It is our inner light. It is the energy of the heart of our Being. Without boundaries, it is felt as unconditional love, compassion and joy.

We all have free will to engage our consciousness with anything we can imagine. If we choose to be only love, we engage our natural creative power to reflect only loving experiences in our future. We create our experiences by focusing our imagination and empowering our thoughts with our heart-felt emotions. This creates conditions that will elicit those emotions in our experiences. If we want to live a life filled with love, peace, joy and beauty, then we will call forth--with gratitude and determination--the emotions that accompany those conditions.


Until this becomes habitual, it requires intentional effort. If we then just rest our awareness in a neutral space, not wanting any eventualities, we can enjoy those conditions. All that is required is that we feel wonderful. We intentionally treat everyone in every circumstance with love and compassion, knowing that we are living in a realm where everyone is kind and joyful. The energetic expression of our Creator appears in everyone and in everything. Miracles happen whenever needed or asked for with a grateful heart for the greatest benevolence for all. We can focus on how we feel best, until it becomes our habit, and we can do it intentionally whenever needed in any situations—especially challenging ones. This is how the divine current of life flows through our being, providing us with continuing experiences filled with loving beings and circumstances of elevated awareness. This can be our new world. It already exists just waiting for us all to feel it and recognize it. Here we can live entirely within the guidance of our highest nature as expressed through the energy of the heart of our Being.

All animals participate in the same consciousness that we do. In this unity consciousness we can be telepathic, if we so desire. We can be aware of the awareness of any creature—plant, animal or human or extra-terrestrial. They communicate through our emotions and mental pictures. We just need to focus on their essence with love and compassion. This is how we all learn to live in the new world, where all creatures are kind and loving. Lower-frequency beings cannot live here. They would be too uncomfortable and may even self-destruct.

Our entire paradigm is changing as we continue to be engulfed by high-frequency plasma gamma ray photons from the center of our galaxy and beyond. The historical Schumann Resonance of Earth at 7.83 cycles per second is now jumping into higher octaves of frequency all the way up to 40 cycles per second and beyond, although most of our instruments measure only up to 40. The new Earth resonance will vibrate within a range of 40 to 100 cycles per second. That’s a very large spectrum of energy—greatly expanded from our current energetic band. This higher resonance expands our consciousness dramatically into an awareness of the quantum plasma space that we live within. We feel this environment as that of unconditional love—the Presence of our Creator. Our conscious awareness recognizes itself as being within the awareness of our Creator, who has endowed us with eternal, infinitely powerful creator ability. We’ve always had this ability, but we’ve denied it and haven’t believe it’s true. So we have not recognized our true nature.

Being One’s Higher Self

We’re being assisted now by the high-frequency waves of plasma photonic gamma ray energy from the Source of our consciousness through the center of our galaxy, as well as the photon cloud that we're traveling through. We’re in a compression of consciousness, being held down by our previous experiences in life, and attempting to break free into a new realm of much more expanded consciousness in the knowing of our true essence. The two realms are intersecting, and we get to choose which way we want to go. We’re receiving wonderfully creative energy, provided we are heart-centered and widely aware. Dwelling in lower frequency realms is an invitation to stagnate on some level. Anything could happen that would get our attention, inviting us to be heart-centered and at peace, so that we can feel and act in compassion, love and joy. If we don’t want to do this, we can stay in our traditional realm and continue experiencing all of the heartache and pleasure the dualistic world of good and evil has to offer.

The developing paradigm requires us to confront all of our deepest fears and traumas from all of our lifetimes and resolve them all with recognition, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness and knowing who we truly are. We will then manifest our new being in a beautiful new realm.

We are destined to be released from the compression of the intersection, and then our consciousness will greatly expand, and we will feel wonderful all the time, as long as we remain heart-centered. And if we happen to regress, we can always return just by focusing on the feeling of being grateful and aware of our creative center.

We can become stronger by feeling compassion flowing through us to those who are really in the dark. We do not need to judge them—we can recognize that they are also us. We all participate in the same consciousness. We can forgive them, and they will either feel the love, or they will disappear from our experience.

Haleakala sunrise Maui. Transformative energy.

The magic of sunrise in the high mountains

photo © by Ken Schmitt

The Big Picture of Our Life Here on Earth

We have all attuned to the resonant frequency of humanity as young children. Once we habituated our consciousness to the frequency range of our empirical realm, few humans venture outside of that frequency band, but some do. They are the seers and mystics. What they see in the next higher octave of energy is a realm of shared love, compassion, joy, peacefulness, kindness and thoughtfulness. This is a realm where there is no dark force.

We are all energy beings with a defined frequency range. We’ll call it an octave of consciousness that we all perceive ourselves within. In terms of quantum physics, the empirical realm is interpreted by each of us as having density—properties that we can be aware of through our senses. Energy has a much larger frequency range than only the empirical. Our imaginations enter those realms. The seers and mystics go even higher in frequency. This is where the Earth is going. The Schumann resonance is occurring in higher octave ranges, and humanity must make the same jump in order to remain in consciousness on this planet. Earth is moving through a highly-charged photon cloud that is raising her frequency and the frequency of every conscious being on the planet.

Although we are experiencing chaos and destruction, all of the evil that has been hidden from us must come to light. The moves toward peace are planet-wide. The new realm exists now right here where we are. Most of us are still unaware of it. It’s just a frequency jump away. It’s the frequency of unconditional love and joy, which we feel in our heart. We intuitively know that feeling, and we can attune to it. Once we know that deepest love and joy, it’s what we want to perceive always. For most of us, however, the empirical program demands our attention, and we need to train our ego to honor our heart energy. With determination we can continue to return to the higher realm, until we reside in this energy spectrum predominately. The dualistic realm that we’ve known is dissolving as we withdraw our attention from it. The new joyous world already exists. In order to experience it we only need to recognize it.

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