Working with the Masters

In our quest to raise our vibrations, while doing our best to keep our physical bodies vibrant, we can receive help from beings who have great wisdom and experience, as well as deepest love and compassion. They may or may not be embodied upon the Earth currently, but they have an energetic expression that we can interface with. We can imagine Jesus or any of the ascended masters or great angels being present with us. If we so desire, they will draw us into resonance with them. They can help raise our vibrations to the level of joy, ecstasy and bliss, because in our true essence, this is our natural state of being.

We share our true essence with the masters. We are all fractals of the One universal consciousness of the Creator of all, and we are participating in an experimental excursion in consciousness. We are experiencing life-diminishing energies that would be impossible for the Creator. The energetic level of human life, as we know it, is ultimately destructive and can only be created by our free will to enslave ourselves for this experience. It is the negatively polarized energies that we are contributing to universal consciousness, as it expands infinitely.

The great spiritual masters have learned that the entire world that humanity inhabits is an illusion in consciousness. We designed it to give ourselves real experiences, but it is a matrix of energetic patterns manifested by human life force through our attention and recognition mentally and emotionally. Although it is our conscious creation, It does not have the same reality that we have in our true Being, because it does not resonate with the Creator.

Because we are multi-dimensional Beings with the freedom to create whatever we want, we can live in more than one dimension. We can learn to control the quality of our lives as humans, regardless of anything happening around us. If we are motivated to focus on just being present in our awareness, feeling wonderful, and we imagine being in the presence of a great master, feeling the connection in joy and gratitude, we can raise our vibrations in alignment with theirs and begin to transform our lives into a higher dimension, where we have no interaction with negative situations and people. The energetic interactions and repulsions with our energy signatures make this possible. We can be fearless, loving and conscious of our eternal, present Self-awareness.

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