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Working with Our Personal Vibratory Level

With infinite life force flowing throughout universal consciousness, its direction is toward creating and enhancing all conscious beings. This is the energy we are being attracted to, and we are uncovering some of our previously-hidden abilities in transforming energetic patterns. If we can recognize them, we can also imagine them from a perspective of love and compassion. When we recognize the positive energies of love always present, the vibratory level rises in everything in our presence. Lower vibrations either come into resonance or become unstable and dissipate; however, other beings can continue to sustain negativity with their own life force. When this happens, if we remain positive, life rearranges our circumstances, so that we don’t have to encounter negativity.

If we can master aligning ourselves with the energies of our heart, we can achieve constant present awareness. This releases us from the constant stress of low-level fear and empowers us with greater life force and radiance. When we expand our awareness into the realm of joy and gratitude, we can live in the moment, knowing we are always cared-for abundantly and doing what we are intuitively prompted to do.

The personal energy signature of most humans does not change much during a lifetime, but when we begin to raise our vibrations intentionally, we also change our energy signature. This elevates the quality of our life experiences and makes it easier for us to be present and grateful. Once we choose to know our true essence and hidden abilities, we can begin to resolve the self-limiting beliefs that we have been programmed with. Upon close inspection, we can recognize and feel their unbelievability, leaving us unlimited in our awareness. This is a process we can work through successfully.

Realizing that we have the ability to choose our polarity and vibrations in any moment gives us the power to elevate our energy signature, which opens up a world of positive experiences. Learning to control the focus of our attention and to change it at will, along with being able to call forth emotions and change them at will, eventually gives us mastery of our lives. When we can do this while following our intuition, we can direct our creative power to the enhancement of all of life.

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