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Working Successfully with Our Beliefs

Our limiting beliefs exist for the protection of our ego-consciousness, so that we can have a convincing human experience. The ego knows it is mortal, and it doesn’t trust higher guidance to be true or understandable. It lives with attachments and fears. It doesn’t believe that we can live in love and joy without limit.

For eons humans on this planet have believed that we are separate physical persons. This is how we learned to recognize ourselves. It is a belief structure that we can resolve and transcend, once we realize the energetics involved. We can live in alignment with love and joy, which exist in a spectrum that is positively polarized and of high frequency vibrations. We can intentionally be in a state of alignment with the most wonderful feelings and thoughts. All of this is beyond ego-consciousness, by which we have believed that life in a higher dimension is not possible, while we are in this incarnation.

A higher dimension of living is present for us right where we are. It is a state of being. No dimensions are places in space and time. They are complex energetic patterns that we can recognize and make real for ourselves in our experience. The empirical world is a compartment in our consciousness, held in awareness through our beliefs about it. If we intend to recognize a higher dimension, we can do so with our attention, as we imagine and feel what it would be like. That is the energetic vibratory pattern that we can intend to recognize and accept as real. We can learn to direct our attention to energetic patterns that feel good and fulfilling, where compromises don’t have to be made.

In order to realize our limitations, we can intend to recognize a higher dimension. We can be in a serene, comfortable environment, in which we can leave behind the concerns of life, and we can take some deep, rhythmic breaths. Here we can relax and just be present in awareness. Our awareness is not limited by space and time. It is quantum and eternal. We can imagine and feel wonderful in alignment with the energies of Gaia. As we open ourselves to positive, high vibrations, we can learn to be sensitive to our intuition, our higher guidance that is always present. This can become our state of being, enabling us to live and be aware interdimensionally.

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