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Working Harmoniously with Our Emotions

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Our emotions are a mysterious part of us, because we’re so accustomed to understanding through our mind. Emotional intelligence, however, is more powerful in guiding us through life. When we become overwhelmed by emotion, our mind has little ability to do anything. Our emotions immediately know the quality of energy we are encountering in every situation. They also radiate our state of being to all around us. They are intimately connected with our body, which has its own physical intelligence. They are the source of artistic expression and social interaction and cohesion. They are the motivating force for all of our actions and beliefs.

We can expand our consciousness only with the help of our emotions. We have trained them to support our ego consciousness and to function in the energetic spectrum of the negative polarity and low vibrations of fear and life-diminishing feelings. This has resulted in depression, shame, lack of trust and closing ourselves off to true love. Our world appears to be full of threats to our well-being, and our emotions respond to these, regardless of what we may think. This is why many artistically sensitive people have dramatically difficult lives.

When we’re in the grip of intense negative emotion, how can we transform it? We can calm ourselves through deep, rhythmic breathing. The breath sooths our emotions and our mind and unbinds the energy of our heart. It can bring us to a point of neutrality. We can elicit higher vibrations from our heart center, once we are emotionally serene, and we can transform a low-vibration experience into feelings of compassion and kindness.

If we are searching for our true Being, we can become filled with gratitude for our living awareness. If we can know this, we are expanding our awareness. From here it is a short step to knowing that our awareness is eternal, because we’re expanding beyond the body. We can become aware of things we cannot see and could otherwise not know. Progress from here depends on our trust of our inner knowing. It is in every way far more comprehensive than our rational knowing.

At first we can intend to be sensitive to our inner knowing. We can learn to pay close attention to our promptings and act in alignment with the energy of the promptings. This takes us into higher visionary vibrations. We can be guided into a wonderful life, full of love and joy. This is our natural state of being. It is what we are created to experience, and it is available to us whenever we fully awaken to a meaningful intention.

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