Why We Must Transform Fear

Fear is unreal. It cannot exist on its own. We produce it in our being from our life force. It does not exist outside of our own psyche. We produce it when we feel threatened, because we do not know who we are in our deepest being. It is impossible for us really to be threatened, unless we accept the threat as real. The dark forces are adept at making their threats feel real. They shower us with fear-inducing propaganda every day. They make it seem as if we’re going to suffer and perhaps even die, if we don’t do what they want. They even make it seem as if their program is for our good.

It is only when we realize that fear can exist only in a contrived Matrix that seems very real, and that we are involved in a very complex charade, because we decided to find out what it would feel like to have our true self-awareness erased at birth, so that we could experience separation from our essential being.

Once we realize that we are eternal beings, whose essence is unconditional love, endowed by our Creator to be aspects of the full Being of the Creator, we know that we are not limited to any of the conditions of the empirical realm, which seems so real. In essence the physical world is only a complex energy structure held in place by our consciousness.

When we feel fear arising within, we can remember that fear is a low-frequency vibration. The process of transformation is to realize that we are completely cared-for in every aspect of our lives. Our natural state of being is consciously creating all of our experiences. If we can believe this throughout our awareness, we realize that our essence is high-frequency love and joy. If we can truly feel this in the face of our greatest fears, they dissolve into nothingness, because we have withdrawn our life force from them.

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