Why Be in Gratitude?

We are magnetic beings. Our bodies run on electrical charges, and the quality of our experiences depends upon our energetic vibration, our personal energy signature. Who we are expresses itself as radiant energy, which we can perceive and feel as our aura, our magnetic presence. Our thoughts and emotions create electromagnetic wave patterns that project into the quantum field that envelops us and repel energy that is discordant with our own vibrations and attract energy that is in resonance with our personal state of being.

We are constantly creating the quality of our experiences by the vibrations of our energy signature. If we are stuck in poverty, loneliness, depression, illness or any form of fear, it is because we believe that we are victims of these energies. We believe and feel that destiny and the world outside of ourselves have given us the situation and condition that we are experiencing, and we unknowingly continue to create it for ourselves. Our condition is always a result of the energy that we express.

When we decide to elevate our condition and present situation, it is necessary to elevate the frequency of our personal energy signature. An easy way to do this is to realize the things we can be grateful for, because gratitude is a high-frequency vibration, along with love, peacefulness, joy and compassion. Even in desperate situations, we can find things we can be thankful for. This is a good place to begin. Then we can expand this feeling and find more to be grateful for. This attracts more experiences that we will want to be grateful for. Soon our lives become more fulfilling in many ways, until we feel loving and joyous and are living in abundance and peace as our chosen way of life.

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