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Who We Are and Why We Are Here

We are our conscious presence in a sea of creative, living plasma, containing every possible pattern of energy. We are undefined. Our awareness is infinite, if we do not limit ourselves. In our essence of being we have no form. We can express ourselves in any form, limited by our beliefs about ourselves.

In our current human awareness we have projected ourselves into our situation now. We have been given the knowledge and intuition to be able to handle all of our challenges. Our experiences include challenges that we probably would not have chosen to have to face, but they are intended to stretch our awareness of our abilities and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.

We are becoming aware of the metaphorical nature of our focus as reality. We had to give ourselves convincing limitations in order to make our experiences real for us. We have intentionally created all of our limitations, especially our beliefs about ourselves. These are very deeply imbedded in our being and require the light of our attention and the love in our hearts. We’re taking our ego consciousness into a higher-vibration experience, in which we relax in absolute compassion and love. We allow ourselves to be content in our being of unconditional love and joy. This may be a leap, but we can do it with the will to be at peace. As our beliefs come into our awareness, we can introduce them to a new perspective. With practice we can stretch our awareness into resonance with the energy of unconditionally-loving life force flowing through our heart.

Each of us incarnated with a life intention of expanding our awareness of our Selves, and in this way also raising the consciousness of humanity. Once we have an encounter with our true Being, and we feel Its magically wonderful essence, we are expanding our awareness into a higher realm of joy and beauty.

Everyone who is drawn to this resonance of being is moving into a higher dimension of heart-felt living. We are being attracted to one another, and we recognize each other through the radiance of our eyes and the connections of our vibrations.

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