Who or What Gives Us Life and Consciousness?

Do we, as living, conscious beings, have any existence apart from our conscious life source? That’s a logical impossibility. Can we follow our conscious life as a stream of complex energies with a composite frequency of vibration? In quantum physics, this is exactly what a person appears to be. Each human has a unique energy signature, which vibrates at a unique frequency. Our consciousness is not this wave pattern, but the wave pattern is the expression of our consciousness.

Where does our consciousness exist? It is in our being, our awareness, which is unique to each of us, and which can penetrate deeply into our memories and our imagination. Through our awareness we can interpret vibrations as emotions and colors and sights. We can interpret a huge complex pattern of energies as the empirical world. Everything is energy vibrating at various frequencies forming spectra of vibrations that have limits or expansions of consciousness.

Consciousness is the first cause of everything, and it is pervasive throughout all that exists. Even rocks have consciousness. They would not exist without it. In Quantum physics, nothing exists apart from consciousness. Our life flows with our consciousness. At the most primary level, our consciousness is the same as all consciousness. There is only one universal consciousness that expresses itself as everything that is. The source of this universal consciousness is what gives life-force to all living beings. This source is flowing its conscious life-force into the heart of each human.

We all share the same consciousness and can expand our own consciousness far beyond our current imagination by being in the flow of the energy that comes through our heart, coming directly from our source. This incoming life-force contains the creative abilities of our source which continues to create and terminate everything at ultra-, ultra-high frequency in nano-seconds.

We have been given free will to determine our own experiences in this world. In many lifetimes, most of us have experienced the full spectrum of dark to light, low to high frequencies. We’ve learned many lessons about brutality and kindness, love and hate, torment and compassion, everything.

Now we have the opportunity to understand what it’s all about. Everything around us is a reflection of our own consciousness. We have created it all through the quality of our habitual thoughts and emotions, the frequency of our energy signature. As self-aware beings with free will, we have access to the creative life-force and are designed to experience everything that we dwell upon in our minds and emotions, regardless of what is going on around us, and we are free to completely change our lives at any time. Eventually we learn what kind of energy, what frequency we prefer to live in and express ourselves as. The most natural is to follow the flow of life-force in our heart, whose natural frequencies are interpreted in our consciousness as unconditional love, joy, compassion and abundance and all the wonderful energies that we imagine. Holding our perspective in this energy spectrum brings about wondrous changes in our life experiences.

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